Hi I’m Fran Grennan,

I’m a professional and experienced Parent & Relationship Mentor. The key belief of my approach is that the quality of our relationships – in our parenting role and in our personal and professional life – is determined by the quality of our relationship with self.

In this website you will find how I can support you to resolve family and personal challenges, and to find real connection and joy in all your relationships.

Parenting & Family Wellbeing

One to One Support & Parenting Courses


The language of the Child

When children engage in problem or difficult behaviour, it is often the case that they are trying to communicate to their parents, teachers etc. that life is difficult for them in some way. Learn how to respond to the child and build safety into the relationship.

Hear from the Parents:

“I can’t believe how quickly things changed – just going to the ‘under-standing’ place worked! The changes were immediate, when my child had a tantrum, I stayed loving and gentle, quietened my voice, made eye contact, soothed her frustration – it was like magic!”


“Fran’s Parenting Course has given me the confidence I needed. I’m not afraid of the outbursts, I can set clear boundaries and have discipline around my needs. I know I can do this now.”


“It’s been life changing for my family. My wife and I are now on the same page and the kids know where they have choices, and where they need to listen to us. I think the fact that they feel ‘listened to’ has really made the difference.”


Personal Therapy

One to One Support


I’m here to listen, support and challenge you with kindness and compassion in a safe supportive environment to explore and understand your inner conflicts and struggles. Begin to understand your own behaviour and how and why you are triggered in some situations; why you may be anxious, depressed, fearful or overwhelmed or have trouble communicating.

Hear from my Clients:

“I’m so grateful for how much Fran has helped me both personally and professionally. Her calm, kind, collaborative approach during our Sessions really put me at ease and I have learned so much about myself through my time with her. My sessions with Fran are one of the best investments I have made in myself and I can really see the ripple effect in my relationships with those around me.”


“I found my sessions with Fran both thought provoking and challenging. She is an excellent listener and has the ability of drawing out my deepest concerns and reasons behind them. Fran challenged my values around what is really important to me, and has helped me refocus in a much more positive and useful way.”


Couple Counselling

Individual or Couple Counselling


In the couple relationship each individual brings their own experience and story to the relationship – their own baggage! I work with both the individual and/or the couple. In this safe environment each individual can find the safety to talk, to ‘really listen’ and to bring awareness and understanding to their own behaviour, their own pattern of communication and how they relate within the couple relationship.

Hear from my Clients:

“I found speaking to Fran to be of great benefit and helped me to regain my self-confidence and self-esteem. I am incredibly grateful to her for her help during a really rotten time and I know I will be able to get in touch with her again in the future if I feel I need to.”


“I contacted Fran because I felt my marriage was in trouble and we were considering separating. I found Fran so easy to talk to, in fact I spoke about things I had never talked about before. My wife could see the change in me and eventually was curious to meet Fran and do some Sessions for herself. We eventually did some Sessions together and I feel happier and more hopeful for our marriage now.”


Professional & Workplace Mentoring

One to One Mentoring

and/or Group Workshops


Whether your role is at an entry or management level, I will support you to ‘back yourself’ and to reach your full potential. Gain a deeper understanding of what might be blocking your progress; listen and communicate with self and others in a more effective way; have better discipline around your needs and look after your wellbeing.

Hear from my Clients:

“Working with Fran has made me see things very differently. Fran’s comforting, approachable manner makes it easy to open up to her and to be relaxed in her presence. Her wisdom is immense and I always leave a session feeling lighter and more hopeful. It’s been life-changing working with Fran and I look forward to more sessions to come.”


“Fran gave a course to the Managers, the feedback was very positive, everyone got something from it. I got some really insightful understanding on what had been holding me back stopping me from speaking out at meetings. I’m really looking forward to her coming back and doing some of her talks too.”



Phone: 086 8284523

email: fran@homelifework.ie

 Dublin 18, Ireland