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My Story
and Passion …

I believe in order to feel alive, happy and fulfilled, we need to have a sense of belonging and connection with self in relationship with others… and relationship is all about open communication and quality connections.

Following my Graduation from University College Cork as a Parent & Relationship Mentor and Education Practitioner, I started my practice because I am passionate about children’s wellbeing and realise that the ‘felt experience’ of belonging within a family can have a huge impact on our lives.

It follows that how we ‘turn up’ as adults – how we parent; how we are in relationships and how we manage our work lives – is greatly influenced by our early childhood experiences.

I work with individuals, couples and groups to support and empower them in their personal life and in their work life, to develop as individuals, as parents and as leaders.

As well as having academic qualifications and many years of experience, I have spent some time in therapy myself re-discovering the aspects of my own true nature that I had protected and hidden away.

Furthermore I was an integral part of a therapeutic lifeworks support group for four years.

I have parented two children and have been a Director of a successful business for years before re-training as a Mentor and Therapist.

Professional Bio:
UCC Graduate:
H.DIP in Relationship Mentoring
Certificate in Parent Mentoring
Certificate in Interpersonal Communication

Institute of Co-Creational Psychotherapy
& Education:
Dr. Tony Humphreys
Postgraduate Certificate in Co-Creational Psychotherapy
Postgraduate Certificate In Shared-Vision for Relationship Mentors

Dr. Gabor Mate
Certificate in Health & Healing through Mind-Body Unity

Dr. Ari Badaines
Certificate in Brief Psychodynamic Therapy

Fully Validated Member of The Irish Association of Relationship Mentors – IARM


Phone: 086 8284523

email: fran@homelifework.ie

 Dublin 18, Ireland