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Who am I, how do I want to live my life how am I blocking my own progress?
Relationship and what is makes a great Relationship?
Understanding and taking responsibility for my own happiness and better understanding of others
Emotional wellbeing, less stress, more wellness
​Communication is the basis of all relationships
​Listening is the first act of Communication, listening to self first
Staying Separate from others
Seeing Conflict as Opportunity
Learning how to ‘back’ myself
Clear Boundaries and authority for myself
“I am so grateful for how much Fran has helped me both personally and professionally. Her calm, kind, collaborative approach during our Sessions really put me at ease and I have learned so much about myself through my time with her. My sessions with Fran are one of the best investments I have made in myself and I can really see the ripple effect in my relationships with those around me. “


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Are you experiencing?
Conflict or breakdown in your Intimate Relationship?
Have you feelings of anger, fear, anxiety, sadness or loneliness, overwhelmed, hopeless or dis-connected?
Do you experience problems with relationships at home or at work?
Feeling blocked or overwhelmed in your work life?
At the end of your tether trying to parent in difficult times?
Do you have trouble communicating, leading to conflict at home or at work?
Have you experienced a trauma or loss?
Do you find yourself getting angry or aggressive in certain situations?

‘My husband and me had a totally different idea about how children should be parented and it really became a problem between us when our daughter reached her teens. Fran has been so patient, so understanding, she has helped us to see our different issues, and helped us around our parenting too. I am very hopeful for our future as a family now.’


When conflict shows up in the relationship, it is the issues ‘within’ each individual that is playing out in the relationship and causing the conflict.
In this safe environment each individual can find the safety to talk, to listen and to bring conscious maturity and understanding to their individual way of relating and to the couple relationship.
no blame, no judgement.. working towards understanding and resolution.

‘I found speaking to Fran to be of great benefit and helped me to regain my self-confidence and self-esteem. I am incredibly grateful to her for her help during a really rotten time and I know I will be able to get in touch with her again in the future if I feel I need to.’
‘I contacted Fran because I felt my marriage was in trouble and we were considering separating. I found Fran so easy to talk to, in fact I spoke about things I had never talked about before. My wife could see the change in me and eventually was curious to meet Fran and do some Sessions for herself. We eventually did some Sessions together too and I feel happier and more hopeful for our marriage now.


Whether your role is at an entry or management level or you work at a leadership level, I will support you to reach your full potential, identify your needs and your stressors, look after your wellbeing and enhance relationships, at home or at work.
Hear what my clients have to say:
Fran delivers Workplace Talks and Courses in her confident but extremely relaxed and friendly way. She is informative, challenging and thought provoking.
‘I really enjoyed a Course Fran gave at work and lots of things she said resonated for me. The notes she gave us were very helpful. I began to see my whole situation differently. I realised I had been using so much energy being defensive, blaming others, feeling like a victim. I know I need to ‘own’ everything that comes up for me and really get to know myself. I am now seeing Fran on a one to one basis and I look forward to our sessions.

‘Working with Fran has made me see things very differently. Fran’s comforting, approachable manner makes it easy to open up to her and to be relaxed in her presence. Her wisdom is immense and I always leave a session feeling lighter and more hopeful. It’s been life-changing working with Fran and I look forward to more sessions to come.’




Here are some of the topics that are covered:
Self Awareness
Self Esteem
Managing Stress
How to ‘back yourself’ and get promoted
Seeing Conflict as Opportunity
Communication Skills, how to Listen
Healthy Boundaries
Time Management
‘Step into the Gap, recognise your distinctive qualities and realise your potential’
Would you like to suggest your own topic for a talk in your organisation?

Here’s some feedback from attendees
‘Fran gave a course to the Managers, the feedback was very positive, everyone got something from it. I got some really insightful understanding on what had been holding me back and blocking my own progress and what I needed to do around ‘backing’ myself. I’m really looking forward to her coming back and doing some of her talks too.’


Finding Meaning in the Second Half of Life:
Understanding and deepening your relationship with Self and Others
​The empty nest – Separation from adult children
​Retirement – The challenge and the opportunity
​Establishing Boundaries for your wellbeing
​Stress in taking care of elderly parents ‘own oxygen mask first’
‘Would you like to suggest your own topic for a Talk?’