Professional Development & Workplace Mentoring

Finding your Element!

This is a journey of self discovery for individuals and groups, in a safe environment, to look at your life; to gain a deeper understanding of your self and to discover where you may be blocked; to ask difficult questions and to find your own answers within yourself.

Learn how to improve your communication skills, to set healthy boundaries and to allow your own distinctive qualities to emerge.

Realising Your Potential

Course Modules

Who am I, how do I want to live my life, how am I blocking my own progress?

Relationship – what makes a great relationship?

Understanding and taking responsibility for my own happiness and better understanding of others

Emotional wellbeing, less stress, more wellness

​Communication is the basis of all relationships

​Listening is the first act of Communication – listening to self first

Staying Separate from others

Seeing Conflict as Opportunity

Learning how to ‘back’ myself

Clear Boundaries and authority for myself

For Private One to One Support or Courses

The Mature Manager

Course Modules

Self Awareness
Self Esteem
Managing Stress
How to ‘back myself’ and get ‘promoted’
Seeing Conflict as Opportunity
Communication Skills, how to Listen
Healthy Boundaries
Time Management

For Private One to One Support or Courses

Hear from my clients

“I really enjoyed a Course Fran gave at work and lots of things she said resonated for me. The notes she gave us were very helpful. I began to see my whole situation differently. I realised I had been using so much energy being defensive, blaming others, feeling like a victim. I know I need to ‘own’ everything that comes up for me and really get to know myself. I am now seeing Fran on a one to one basis and I look forward to our sessions.”

“Fran gave a course to the Managers, the feedback was very positive, everyone got something from it. I got some really insightful understanding on what had been holding me back and stopping me from speaking out at meetings. I’m really looking forward to her coming back and doing some of her talks too.”



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